Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I am really looking forward to going out looking for new recruits for Daytona Body Advertising this weekend. We have a great time going out singing karaoke and now looking for people that want to do body advertising here in Daytona Beach will make it even more interesting.
Mostly I want to get people that are highly visible like barmaids and bartenders, Karaoke KJ's, bands, singers, etc.,. that get alot of exposure to the public. I have to do this because I know my customers will only want to advertise on someone that is going to get seen alot.
So if you work in or around the Daytona Beach Florida area please visit and drop me an email.
I recently found a temporary tattoo artist named Rebecca at Air Ink that has alot of experience with doing company logos and names for rock groups and radio stations so that is most likely who I will be using for the artwork.

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