Thursday, August 31, 2006

Daytona Body Advertising has found a great temporary tattoo artist that has alot of experience with recreating company logos as body art. She ads whatever embelishments you want to make your logo more attractive body wise. Please visit Rebecca at Air Ink to see some of her work.
We are hoping to setup a day right before Biketoberfest when she can come over to paint some of the body advertisers that are looking forward to this facinating new advertising venture.
As soon as I get a location and date nailed down for the artwork to get done then I will more actively pursuing bodies and advertisers. It's important to be able to let people know when they will be expected to appear to get their tattos done before an event. Although Biketoberfest is not a very big event it will be a great trial run to see how this type of advertising goes over in the Daytona Beach area.
It takes alot of forethought and preparation way in advance to put together a successful advertising campaign.

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